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Good morning, everyone. It is a great pleasure to meet you here. My name is Angela, currently an employer in 3A AGENCY CO., LTD. Now I will give you a brief introduction of our company.

Our company, also known as 3A AGENCY CO., LTD., is located in Guangzhou, a world-renowned city in China for its well-developed economy. 

Founded more than a decade ago and striving for ceaseless development, our corporation has achieved great successes in providing premium interpretation and translation service for numerous customers in the last ten years. We have a professional team that acquires sufficient proficiency in various languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Russian, etc. Our people have been keeping sharpening their skills with their diligence and intelligence all along.

We are outstanding in providing following services: 

1) Interpretation 

Our people can company you through your trip in the Canton Fair and other trade fairs in Guangzhou or in other cities in China. Besides, we can company you in the wholesale markets and help you with your business negotiations with suppliers for a better price.

2) Inspection

We are responsible for inspecting the products before shipment to ensure the quality of the products.

3) Orders Follow-Up

We are also responsible for collecting samples, following up the orders to ensure punctual delivery and solve any possible problems that might occur during the mass production.

4) Shipment Arrangement

We will assist our customers in collecting all the products together in our warehouse, and then arrange the shipments by sea or air.

5) Sourcing Services

We help our customers source the products with good price.   

6) Other Service

We help our customers in booking comfortable hotels and airplane tickets. Besides, we offer the guide service for personal shopping and sightseeing for customers when they are off-duty.

Our company’s targets are as follows:

1)Providing first-class service of translation and interpretation to our customers;

2)When companying foreign clients during their trip in China, we strive to make them enjoy the trip and feel free at home; 

3)Offering service of good quality and at a reasonable price, for which our clients are returning in increasing numbers and a lot of new customers come from personal recommendations;

4)Saving time and money as much as possible for our clients;

5)Dealing with problems occured during transportantion of goods and simplifying procedures required.

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